Jimmy a Car Door – Pop-a-Lock

Other than fuel, oil is the most important liquid that your car needs to run properly. It keeps your engine properly lubricated to avoid premature wear and damage to your car. It also breaks up deposits and grime and keeps your engine running smoothly. But, oil isn’t meant to last for a long time – it needs to be changed regularly.


The first thing to remember when you’re locked out is to stay calm. As long as no one is in imminent danger, there’s no need to call 911 or the police. When you’re dealing with locked keys in the car, it can be tempting to try to break in yourself. We strongly advise using dedicated locked keys in car service instead.

Of course, if there is a child or pet inside the car, you may need to call the police and/or break a window. Even on mild days, temperatures inside vehicles can quickly climb to dangerous levels. In this case, aim for the corner of the window — its weakest point — on the side window, furthest from the child or pet. Trying to MacGyver your way into the car with a wire hanger or wooden wedge often leads to more costly repairs than having your door professionally unlocked.

CITO’s pop a lock service is fast and affordable. Traditional locked keys in car service can be pricey, but with the CITO app, you are prepared for the unexpected. Our locked keys in car service will have you in your vehicle, as quickly as possible!