6 Benefits of Eco Waterless Car Wash

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Have you recently heard about a faster and simpler way to wash your car from all the dirt and grime? It’s a waterless method that is environmentally friendly and very effective. It might be odd to call it a car washing method when no water is involved but bear with us. We were skeptical as well, but after reading this article you will be convinced, just like we were, that switching to an eco waterless car wash is the future and a step in the right direction.

Here are 6 reasons why you should always choose this method over the traditional hose and water:

You can clean your car anywhere

With this method, you don’t need access to water in order to make your car look sparkling new. The fact that you can wash your car at any given time, in any given place gives you so much flexibility. Waterless car washing revolves around the biodegradable sprays and the superb waxing capabilities of the products. They are more than capable of dissolving and removing stubborn dirt stains and grime from your car, eliminating the need for a water hose and the bucket & sponge combo.

Saves you tons of money

It’s just plain cheaper. Many alternative solutions not only look to improve on the effectiveness but also come at a lower price in order to be competitive. If you’re taking your car to the local car wash on a weekly basis, you’re spending a large amount of money on a service that is only looking to get more expensive with how water restrictions are affecting the market. On the other hand, if you’re cleaning your car at home, you’re wasting a huge amount of water. With the waterless car wash, you can skip all that and save both your hard earned cash and the planet.

Say goodbye to stains

When you take your vehicle to a traditional car wash business, if the employees miss a spot while they wipe down your car you will end up with visible water stains. This happens more than we would like to, and even though we paid for the service, most of us won’t go back to complain. With the eco waterless car wash, there are no stains left once the “washing” is done.

It creates a long-lasting shine and protects your car

With this method, you will have a nice wax finish that will leave a long-lasting shine on your car. This not only makes your car look better during the summer days, but it will also create a barrier that will protect your car from tar, bugs, grime and other road dirt that accumulates while you commute.

Time is money

For some people, time is a commodity that they don’t have, but they still don’t want to shell out tons of money to get their car washed. In this situation, the waterless car wash is the best way to go. It will save you both money, and at the same time, it only takes a fraction of the amount of time a traditional car washing method would take.

It helps the planet and saves water

Washing your car is extremely wasteful when it comes to our most precious resource – water. By switching to a sustainable method and eliminating the need for water entirely, you contribute to saving this resource. Additionally, the chemicals that are used in the waterless car washing method are biodegradable and they won’t harm the planet like detergents and other heavy-duty cleaning materials that can be found in a traditional car wash business.

If you’re still not convinced on switching to this method, at least give it a try and find out for yourself why car owners all over the world are swearing by it. Achieve a pristine look for your car by acting responsibly to the environment and save money in the process. What more could you ask for?

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